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I am not currently taking any new contact healing or absent healing clients. 

If you would like to receive free absent healing, I highly recommend The Aetherius Society (where I received my training) who have healers all over the world who regularly send out healing to those in need. Please contact [email protected] who will be more than happy to assist you.

Everything is energy…Healing hands

…from a pencil to the human body to a tree to the planets and stars. As all things are made of atoms and atoms are made of energy, then everything is energy. Illness and disease are manifestations of an imbalance in our energy and there are many reasons why this may be like not getting enough exercise, eating the wrong foods, the loss of a loved one, low self-esteem or mental health and what affects one part of us will eventually affect the other parts.

For example, if you are experiencing stress because of a demanding job but your home life is not stressful, the imbalance may start to present itself when you’re unable to manage the stress or leave the stress at work, resulting in feeling stressed at home. If this continues unchecked it could impact the immune system making you more prone to physical and mental illness as well as affect those who live with you. Before you know it you’re stuck in a circle of stress. Things that didn’t usually bother you before are now manifesting as anxiety and stress throughout your life – what affects one part affects the whole!

Spiritual healing (or energy healing), is a safe, non-intrusive way to help balance your energy. As the healer, I consciously direct this energy (universal life force, spiritual energy, chi) through my hands, into your energy field (chakras, psychic centres, aura) and lock this in. Over time as you continue to receive this positive, healing energy this can affect your energy in such a way as to bring greater balance and greater wellbeing throughout all parts of your life.

The healing does not rely solely on any symptoms you may have but instead treats the person as a whole. If the whole is treated, then each of the parts are treated and that’s what makes this healing so universally applicable to all people. It’s not faith healing, does not rely on having a belief system or following a religion so is inclusive of all beliefs and religions. In fact, whilst not absolutely essential I would say the only thing required is an open mind.

•   Healing is a safe, universal complementary therapy
•   Anyone can receive healing
•   Everyone can benefit from healing
•   Healing treats the whole person – mind and body
•   Healing can help to:

•   speed up recovery from illness
•   remove mental/psychic blockages
•   enhance wellbeing
•   strengthen the immune system
promote relaxation

I have been a healing practitioner and teacher for over 28 years now and have extensive knowledge of alternative health and wellbeing. I managed a health food shop for 10 years whilst living in London (and currently work there) which is when most of my natural and alternative health knowledge was gained and during that time I also ran many personal development workshops including teaching others how to give healing.​

I’m also a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor.

If you would like to find out more please call 0800 3579 088, email [email protected]. For your reassurance, I am fully insured. Please also understand that I do not make any claims of being able to cure any illness or disease with this healing technique. Healing is a complementary therapy only and no guarantees can be made to the outcome of this therapy.Therapist Site Seal by Protectivity

Gary Lloyd Wellbeing Bristol

Gary Lloyd, Healer
¹ To secure the first appointment the full session fee of £40 will be payable at least 7 days before the first appointment and is non-refundable. Further sessions will be payable at least a week in advance. If less than 7 days notice is given to cancel or change an appointment please get in touch to book and pay for another appointment. Payment can be made via debit/credit card over the phone, invoice with payment link, bank transfer or PayPal.

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