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New product launch – SHUI ME – aromatherapy reed diffusers

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Wellbeing Bristol are proud to launch Shui Me,  our flagship range of luxury reed diffusers at The Natural & Organic Products show April 17th and 18th (trade only) and at London’s Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing festival April 29th-May 2nd; presented in an elegantly shaped bottle and made from 100% organic essential oils using only natural ingredients with no alcohol, additives or synthetic fragrances.

Here’s where the art of aromatherapy meets the intentions of Feng Shui. Shui Me diffusers don’t just smell like heaven – once infused into your living space their natural aromas are set to work in support of your wellbeing. Each one brings a delicious, therapeutic fragrance to your room, which may in turn help you achieve a more balanced mood and outlook.

Each Shui Me diffuser is made with a blend of 100% pure organic essential oils, suspended in an alcohol-free base oil. Our unique formula gives our products a purer, more intense aroma and longer lifespan than conventional alcohol-based reed diffusers.

Find comfort in nature’s most soothing plants and flowers. Relax combines the loving care of lavender, the light touch of ylang ylang and the aromatic embrace of petitgrain. The perfect recipe for tranquillity.

Perfect for: your bedroom – to aid deep sleep and a zen-like start to your morning.

Let the welcoming scent of Purity fill the air. Citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil help purge stale negativity , guiding you towards a clear, focused and positive mindset.

Perfect for: your bathroom – to wash away worries and wave goodbye to odours.

Bliss is merely a breath away. Inhale deep , and be lifted by nature’s aromatic optimists. Rich cedarwood and bright bergamot are waiting to raise you up – to a place of sunshine and smiles where your spirit can be free.

Perfect for: your living room – Sink into the sofa, shed the day’s stress, and say hello to a brighter mood.

Holistic balance at home!

Please come visit us:
The Natural & Organic Products Show on stand A77 in the far right corner from the main entrance.
Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival on stand G2 just right of the main entrance.

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