Nature’s Gold Organic Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae liquid for Nutritional Abundance


Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae: Unleashing the Power of Nature’s Greatest Superfood

Uncover the remarkable benefits of Nature’s Gold Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, an extraordinary superfood sourced from the pure waters of upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA. Scientifically known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), this exceptional algae is rich in vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. Let’s explore the incredible health advantages it offers and gain insights into its key ingredients that contribute to overall well-being.


The Nutritional Powerhouse: Nature’s Gold Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae

Experience the unrivalled nutritional profile of Nature’s Gold Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. This microalgae boasts a broad spectrum of essential vitamins such as A, B complex, C, E, and K, supporting immune function while promoting the health of your skin and eyes. Additionally, it serves as an abundant source of crucial minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, essential for maintaining strong bones, supporting muscle function, and promoting overall wellness. It is the superfood of superfoods!

Chlorophyll: The Natural Cleanser

Harness the cleansing power of chlorophyll found abundantly in Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. Acting as a natural detoxifier, chlorophyll aids in the elimination of harmful toxins and heavy metals, promoting proper liver function and providing an effective body cleanse.

Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Optimal Health

Unlock optimal health with the array of essential amino acids found in Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. These fundamental building blocks of proteins are integral to various bodily functions. For instance, phenylalanine and tyrosine play a key role in neurotransmitter production, supporting mood regulation, mental focus, and cognitive function.

Brain Health and Cognitive Function

By including Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae in your diet, you can support optimal brain function and enhance your overall mental agility. You may experience heightened mental agility and improved brain function with regular consumption.

Antioxidant Protection

Protect your body against oxidative stress and cellular damage with the potent antioxidants found abundantly in Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. A rich source of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, phycocyanin, and superoxide dismutase (SOD), this superfood neutralizes harmful free radicals, promoting overall well-being while reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Energy and Vitality Boost

Ignite your energy levels and unlock a natural vitality boost with Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. Bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this superfood algae supports cellular energy production, combating fatigue, and enhancing stamina. Experience long-lasting energy and an invigorated sense of well-being.

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae is a superfood par excellence, offering a host of incredible health benefits. From its exceptional nutritional composition to its potent antioxidant properties, this algae is deserving of its status as a nature’s superfood. Embrace the transformative power of Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae and elevate your health, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Quality processing and packaging

Nature’s Gold blue green algae is very carefully dried at low temperatures using special proprietary technology. This helps to preserve all of its nutritional properties including vital elements such as enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and all other essential compounds.

Nutrient protection – Glass jars

Natural beta carotene and chlorophyll, unlike synthetic beta carotene and chlorophyll, is not stabilised with preservatives and must be protected from oxygen. Nature’s Gold products are packaged in amber glass jars – ensuring their purity and freshness. The glass jar and screw cap also protect against valuable nutrient deterioration caused by oxygenation.

Ingredients (per gram)

Aphanizomenon flos aquae (afa) suspended in a natural base of organic apple juice concentrate with 0.6% citric acid by volume.


Take 1 or 2 teaspoons. Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing or add to a delicious smoothie.

Organic. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Nature's Gold Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae liquid
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